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From the commentary of Leverage 4x18, The Last Dam Job.

Dean Devlin, John Rogers and Wil Wheaton:

Dean: Now, a little tidbit for fans out there. The artwork you’re seeing on the wall, actually the tiles from the very original Stargate, the movie. Which I still have.

John: AHHH! That’s awesome!

Dean: Right there. It was actually, the show had wrapped. And I was getting in my car, to drive to the airport. And I noticed that someone had dismantled the Stargate and thrown it in a big giant dumpster. And I went, “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” And I dove into the dumpster, pulled out all these tiles, boxed them up, and took them home.

John: I’ll tell ya’, that The Stargate, I wish you had it, ‘cause there’s a lost shot — one we could not do — when we bring the team back together at the beginning of season two. We have a little moment of when everyone said what they did during the break and Eliot’s was gonna be, “What did you do?” And we were gonna flash to the Stargate, with him in the gear, going, “Alright! But this is the LAST TIME.” And then flash back and him going. “No.” But the Stargate was BROKEN! It was thrown away!

Wil: I have this picture of you, Dean, looking in that dumpster at the Stargate pieces, going, “THEY BELONG IN A MUSEUM. ON A SHOW I HAVEN’T CREATED YET.”

Dean: Exaxtly!

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