Cas, okay? His name is Cas...

Apparently I smile when I talk about you


look at him. look at his face. he looks like someone who would bake an apple pie to bring to the house to meet your mom. because his mom taught him never to go to a person’s home empty handed. and then shake hands with your dad. and play catch with your brother. and hold your hand under the table at dinner. goddamnit this man is ruining my frickin life.

Track Title: Come And Get Your Love

Artist: Redbone

Album: Guardians of the Galaxy




this was the best opening scene to a movie I have ever seen






Even when they aren’t together, they sleep on their side of the bed. :’)

And you KNOW Cas hogs all the blankets and sprawls out all over Dean in his sleep.


i have time to draw againnnnnn now i just have to remember how

dialogue shamelessly stolen from captain america #603. here's the non-separated version

zevrainai replied to your post: Writing Process

you’ve kind of inspired me to buck up and actually write the outline I’ve been procrastinating on for four years now. (also your process is really similar to mine!! still super fascinating reading about it though :D)

Awesome! I’m honored that I was able to inspire you to something like that! I definitely recommend it. Gogogogo! You can do it! Hell, if I can do it, you totally can. I’m the worst at outlining things. XD

It’s awesome that our process is similar, too! I’m glad to know my head isn’t just a rat’s nest of writing ideas. hehe

Writing Process

There’s this thing writers do to help encourage other writers where they explain their writing process so others can see how they write. I imagine that all writers have a kind of quirky way of going about writing anything. I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman’s answer to the question, “How do you approach writing?” To which, he said, “I just sort of sidle up to it and go, ‘Ello!’ ” (In about the most adorable voice you can imagine.)

I have two different approaches, kind of, one for brief stories (ficlets) and one for longer, multi-chapter stories. I’ll explain both, because the first is really rather short. Okay, it’s basically that I have a concept, I maybe go take a shower and think about a general, loose outline, then just sit down and write it all out, then post it online before I can think twice about it. Usually resulting in a really foolish typo that I don’t notice until AFTER someone reblogs it. Of course.

The longer stories are a more involved process and so I’ll put it behind the cut. For the sake of ease, I’m using Angels and Ammo as my example multi-chapter story because it’s the longest project I’ve ever worked on writing. Here we go!

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omg I’m screaming I’m so happy :DDDD


Guys. Guys. This is big.

I finally fucking finished writing chapter 8 of Angels and Ammo.

It took a million years and I’m so freaking sorry about that. Summer caught up with me in a big way at work and threw everything off. When it ended, other things were stressing me out and I just couldn’t manage to write anything at all.

But it’s done. Finished. The last words have been written.

Once it’s been beta-d and edited, I’m posting it. Which WILL be this week. With any luck, it’ll be tomorrow. But I’m only promising that by Friday it’ll be up on AO3.

This is such a happy feeling. I’m so sorry it took forever. And I’m happy that so many of you decided to keep with me. <3